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Vanivilas hospital Attached to Bangalore Medical College is a premier Government run Hospital in Krishnarajendra Road, Bangalore-02. It has well equipped Obstetrics, Gynecology, Pediatrics and Pediatric Surgery Departments. There is a state of the art neonatal intensive care unit. Vanivilas hospital is a center for excellence in prevention of parent to child transmission of AIDS.




Our Hospital is the dream baby of many great people. Very few hospitals have a rich heritage as ours.

In 1930 Majority of deliveries used to happen at home by untrained dais. Pregnant mothers in imminent conditions were brought to hospital.

Only one Government hospital with 90 beds was in Nrupathunga Road called Senotop Road. Dr. M.C. Albuquerque, heading that hospital was dynamic and enterprising. She was always worried that available facility was not enough and expansion was felt inevitable. She also thought people should be encouraged to come to hospital for delivery which was a rare phenomenon.

Late Sellamadappa Setty had donated large amount for improvement of hospital before Dr. Albuquerque took over. She realized this type of contribution is not enough. She approached Sir. Deewan Mirza regarding improvement of hospital. It was finalized that new building has to be constructed in between Minto and Victoria Hospital. It was also decided to collect donation from public to the tune of one lakh. Dr. Albuquerque and friends were more than happy to accrue the required fund for a noble cause. Dr. Shiva ram, student of Dr. Albuquerque is ever remembered as he arranged a benefit show by the great T.P. Kailasam at Rathnavali Theatre. The show was house full and more than required fund was collected.

In 1930 Prince Narasimha Raja Vodeyar laid the foundation stone. As an encouragement Maharaja Krishnarajendra Vodeyar and Deewan Mirza monitored the work from time to time. Many Organizations, Societies, Donors provided funds.

In 1935, March 8th Maharaja Shri Krishnarajendra Vodeyar inaugurated the hospital which was build at a cost of 4 lakhs. Incidentally the hospital built for womens’ welfare was started on International Womens’ Day i.e. March 8th. Hence, the out come of interest to provide latest facilities to the public by Nalvadi Krishna raja Vodeyar and Prince Narasimaharaja Vodeyar was this hospital - the Vani Vilas Hospital.

Mother of King Nalvadi Krishnaraja Vodeyar was addressed as Vani Vilasa Sannidhana by the inmates of the palace. Hence, this hospital was named as Vani Vilas hospital in the name of Queen Smt. Kempa Nanjammani.

All patients from hospital in senotop road were transferred in one day by Ambulance and Lorry. As lift was not there, patients were carried in stretcher. Mothers were worried that their babies could get exchanged. Dr. Albuquerque devised a system of putting a tag with the same number to mother and Child. The system continuous to exist even today.

150 bedded Hospital took one year to work in full strength. People were not coming to hospital for normal delivery. Those days, the staff would come running whenever a bullock cart came to the entrance. Because all patients used to come in emergency and life threatening conditions. By the time preparation for surgery was done, many pregnant mothers would die.


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